Teal™ Military Laser

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✓ Focusable quick burning beam 

✓ Rechargeable batteries and charger included

✓ Incredibly strong visible beam, perfect for astrology or laser lovers alike

✓ Comes with 5 pattern caps to make your own light show

This military grade laser is extremely powerful, useful, and fun. It can be used in a survival situation to start fires and works as a great flare gun replacement. It's also loads of fun for laser enthusiasts and pyros alike. 

With rechargeable batteries and a charger included, you have everything you need to start using it as soon as you get it!

The focusable beam can be focused on the object you are burning to make it light up extremely quick. The bright beam will leave you in awe!


What you'll get:

1 x Military Grade Burning Laser

5 x Light Show Caps

2 x Rechargeable Batteries 

1 x Dual Battery Charger 


We are currently going absolutely viral on tiktok, so get yours while you can. You won't find a laser like this anywhere else.