Iced Out Shoe Laces
Iced Out Shoe Laces
Iced Out Shoe Laces
Iced Out Shoe Laces

Iced Out Shoe Laces

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  • FlashTech stones
  • Extra long and durable
  • Never loses its shine
  • Stylish unisex design
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free

We donate a Water Filter Kit for every one sold to underdeveloped countries!

FlashTech Stones

Made with high-quality FlashTech rhinestones that sparkle like real diamonds

Stand out

These laces take any outfit to the next level, wearing these draws eyes like no other

All you need

Each pack with 2 laces for a complete pair of bust down shoes!

Extra Long

These laces will definitely be long enough to lace up your shoe!

Next level drip

These laces use high-quality FlashTech stones that flash like real diamonds. They look incredible with any outfit and put people in awe!

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Step up your game

These laces bring your fashion to a new level. Its about time you get something new to be confident in - & these flashy laces are extremely affordable

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