Light Therapy Face Mask

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Rejuvenate your skin and get rid of those acne marks with our Light Therapy Face Mask! BOOST YOUR SKIN HEALTH WITH EVERY USE!

Ever get tired of applying expensive creams and lotions that don't seem to take effect on your skin? Are your problematic areas still visible? We have the solution for you! LED Light Therapy is a skincare technique using varying LED wavelengths to treat skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, scars, and wrinkles. 

Revitalize your skin while you sit back and relax“LED light is essentially acting like the sun to a plant,” says dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, MD. “It is penetrating the skin to a cellular level and subsequently causing different intra- and intercellular reactions.”- Vogue

Until now, these treatments used to only be available at dermatologist’s offices. Now you can enjoy the benefits within your own home, as well as save money by getting repeated use.

Product Features:

Our Light Therapy Face Mask works by emitting infrared light in specific wavelengths/spectrums, which have different skincare benefits. It allows RED, BLUEAMBER LED Light therapies.




The LED light waves penetrate the cells at the heart of the skin in order to stimulate them and make them function like young cells again. LED Light Therapy is totally Safe. There are numerous benefits of LED light treatment: prevent acne and pimples, accelerating tissue reproduction, improving the workings of cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin fibers (fibroblasts), improving blood circulation, minimizing redness and wrinkles, draining toxins, and improving skin healing.


Maximum Facial Care At The Comfort Of Your Home!
A true bang for your buck! This beauty tool does all the work for you and so much more. No need to go to a derma clinic to get those facial treatments that would break the bank. You can now do your own light therapy in the comfort of your home with significant savings. With our wireless and lightweight design, there is no need to lay down in the one place, plugged in, for a long period of time. You can still do the things you love while taking care of your skin.


Before you begin ensure your mask is charged (est. 1 hour). Use after cleansing once a day, 15 minutes each time. It is recommended to apply your daily face cream before wearing DERMACLEAR™ Light Therapy Face Mask.

  1. Apply your favorite skincare cream.
  2. Place DermaX3 comfortably over your face.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to start your LED therapy session.
  4. To change your light source press the power button to select between Red, Blue, or Amber depending on the desired treatment therapy.
  5. To power down press and hold the power button until the light turns off.